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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Latest Xbox One Preview update adds further inactivity termination choices, fixes varied problems, more

Members of the Xbox One Preview Update Alpha ring can will currently transfer the most recent Xbox One system update.

The latest preview build for Xbox One users has been updated with new options, and was discharged yesterday.

It expands upon last week’s Xbox One Preview Update Alpha unharness 1802.180105-1503.

Update 1802.180116-1916 includes  new options like distended inactivity termination choices and therefore the “Do not disturb” choice. The new options and people introduced last week are often found below aboard fixes and celebrated problems with the most recent system update.

New options

Inactivity termination choices
Added further inactivity termination choices to the ability mode & startup menu. additionally to motility down the console once one or six hours of inactivity, you’re currently able to choose choices for 2, three, four and 5 hours. To change the inactivity termination options:
  • Under choices, choose the “Turn off after” dropdown menu.
  • Navigate to Settings > Power & startup > Power mode & startup.

Do Not Disturb

How to enable:
  • Open the Guide and choose your profile icon to the left.
  • Select My profile.
  • From the seem on-line dropdown to the correct, choose don't disturb.

Mini Game Hubs
With mini Game Hubs you'll access content for the games you’ve vie recently from a Game Hub while not ever having to depart the action. mini Game Hubs offer a straightforward thanks to see friends WHO area unit presently enjoying, approaching Achievements, longing for cluster posts, and more. to search out the mini Game Hub, launch the Guide and appearance for a brand new icon to the correct of all Game tiles within the Home section.

Scheduled Themes
Added the flexibility to place your themes on a schedule. additionally to picking either the sunshine or dark theme, you'll currently schedule a time to mechanically switch between them. merely follow these steps:
  • Navigate to Settings > Personalization > Theme & motion.
  • Select scheduled  from the “System theme” dropdown.
  • Select the days at that you would like the sunshine theme to begin and finish.

Guide Enhancements
A new icon can seem within the Guide. The Guide Game Pass Discovery Tile (the “Surprise Maine with a random Game Pass Game tile”), currently shows in Guide.

Home and Guide: further fixes to deal with a difficulty that might cause Home and Guide to fail to show or crash.

Installation and Achievements: Resolved a difficulty that caused the progress bars for downloads/installations and achievements to show cant.

Known problems

System Update

When downloading a system update, you'll grind to a halt at a loading screen and solely see the loading spinner. Workaround: If this happens, please don't attempt to works reset or bring up the console—this is a difficulty with the update service and may eventually resolve on its own.

Guide: The Guide might typically lose focus throughout navigation.

Party Chat: Party chat typically crashes within the Guide.

Games Installation: Games that area unit put in fail to launch. Workaround: If the sports area unit put in to associate drive please copy the game to the inner drive or commit to delete the title and redownload to mend the launch error.

Display: presently investigation the wrong RGB colours that are reportable once displaying in 4K HDR mode once enjoying a UHD disc.

Avatars on Home

Users will currently represent themselves as associate Avatar on Home by dynamic  their settings. To do so, merely navigate to My profile > customise profile > Show my avatar.


  • The left and right navigation for choosing date and time throughout Tournament creation is presently reversed once the console language is ready to Arabic or Hebrew.
  • Left and right navigation in Tournament twists is reversed once the console language is ready to Arabic or Hebrew.
  • Left and right navigation within the bracket read of Tournaments is reversed once the console language is ready to Arabic or Hebrew.

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