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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Instagram Added Activity Status, Here's How To Disable It

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The app has quietly introduced a replacement feature referred to as 'Last Active' that shows friends the last time you logged on to the app. The default setting for the app is 'on' - which means your nighest friends will grasp specifically once you have been scrolling through their feeds.

The alarming feature seems on Instagram's direct messages section at a lower place followers you have been chatting with. The feature seems for those that have the newest version of the app. likewise as seeing the last time you were active, users will see once you are 'typing' back to them.

Not all of your followers are able to see once you were last on Instagram. The feature solely seems for folks you follow and have antecedently chatted to on direct messages. Like Facebook traveler, it'll show what number minutes or hours past you were active on the app.

The activity tracking can be turned off relatively easily in 'settings'.
  • Access the settings menu on their apps.
  • Scroll down to Show Activity Status.
  • Toggle the switch to off.
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