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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Enabling Display Preference Pane in macOS Sierra + Video

Hi guys, welcome back to Ask MHS. Now I'll provide a tutorial about how to enable display preference pane in macOS Sierra. Okay, let's go!

First thing we have to do are download the following tools :

Now let's watch this video:

Now after the steps above are finished, just restart your mac. And after you login to your mac you'll see that your display color are not comfortable, now let's open System Preferences >> Display >> Color and change to your preferred display color profile.
Okay guys, that's all about Enabling Display Preference Pane in macOS Sierra. Thank you very much for visit my blog and see you at the next tutorial.

Source : Tonymacx86


  1. mas, punya saya slider brightness nya kok gak ada ya di display pref pane? mohon petunjuk :)

    1. Itu minta patch pnlf di dsdt mas
      Bisa dibaca lebih lanjut di link berikut :

  2. How can you do this for multiple monitors?

  3. Om itu kok ada Apple RGB ya , di ane ga ada , gimana om biar ada?