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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Direct Download Xcode 8.2 Beta Build 8C23, See What's New

Direct Download Xcode 8.2 Beta Build 8C23, See What's New

About Xcode 8.2 beta

Xcode 8.2 beta requires a Mac running macOS Sierra beta 3 or later, or OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 or later. Xcode 8.2 beta includes SDKs for iOS 10.0, watchOS 3.0, macOS 10.12, and tvOS 10.0. To develop apps targeting prior OS versions.


Xcode 8.2 beta can coexist with previous versions of Xcode. (Note - running multiple instances of Xcode simultaneously is not supported). Prerelease versions of Xcode are made available from, packaged in a compressed XIP file. To install Xcode during the beta period, download the XIP file, double-click the file to expand it in place, then drag to the Applications folder. Upon final release, Xcode is installed via the Mac App Store.

New in Xcode 8.2 beta – IDE


  • Dragging an app onto the Simulator window installs the app in the simulator. (23387069)

Resolved in Xcode 8.2 beta – IDE

Interface Builder

  • A UITabBarController correctly displays content instead of blue boxes. (27881406)

Build System

  • Using .xcconfig files will not cause projects to prompt about changes on disk when switching git branches. (28794807)


  • Dragging a Live Photo resource into the Simulator imports the Live Photo instead of importing a photo and a video. (27906875)
  • The simulator renders the screen correctly when using iOS 9.1 or earlier. (27996364)
  • Keychain APIs work correctly in Simulator. (28338972)

Core Data

  • In the Core Data editor, setting the module of a Swift NSManagedObject subclass to Current Product Module does not cause Swift code generation to use an incorrect filename for the generated code, and does not add an empty import statement to other generated NSManagedObject subclasses. (26898508)

Xcode 8.2 Beta Build 8C23 Direct Download

Xcode 8.2 Beta Build 8C23 Release Notes

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