Muhammad Harits Syaifulloh

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Preventing Unwanted Update Package Keeps Appearing on the App Store

Preventing Unwanted Update Package Appears on the App Store
For the Apple devices users especially macOS users, sometime fell annoyed if some update package or drivers or firmware keeps reappearing on the App Store, even though the update seemed successful. For the some package update problems, Apple officially have some recommendation to solve it, but not all of them can solve the users problem. So, how do we prevent the unwanted update package that appears or keeps reappearing on the app store? Let's do the following explanation to fix it!

The most successful way to fix the update package i.e driver, update version or firmware is by appending the update package to the softwareupdate ignored-items. By this way, softwareupdate will ignore to checking up the update package of the ignored-items. So now, how do we know the package item and adding it into the softwareupdate ignored-item?

  • Open your Terminal
  • Run softwareupdate -l to know what update package that can be updated for now
  • Wait for a moment until the result show up

After that, the result will look like the following picture (NB: the result may not the same for the different devices):
Thunderbolt display firmware update keeps reappearing
So, from the picture above, we know that the package name is ThunderboltFirmwareUpdate1.2 and -1.2 is the revision. So we have to add ThunderboltFirmwareUpdate1.2 to the softwareupdate ignored-item to prevent it keeps appearing or appears on the App Store by running softwareupdate --ignore <package_name> on the Terminal.

  • softwareupdate --ignore ThunderboltFirmwareUpdate1.2

Now let's try to check for update to make sure that the way is work properly by running softwareupdate -l again:
Wooaaa.. It works like a charm!.

Alright guys, that's all about Preventing Unwanted Update Package Keeps Appearing on the App Store. If you have any question, just leave some comment below and I'll reply it soon. Thank you for visit my blog and see you next time in the next tutorial.