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Thursday, October 13, 2016

How To Make Trackpad Preference Pane Work in macOS Sierra

How To Make TrackPad System Preferences Work in macOS Sierra
Hi guys, welcome back to Ask MHS. After some days I didn't have time to post in this blog, now I'll post a tutorial about How To Make Trackpad Preference Pane Work in macOS Sierra.

Okay, since macOS Sierra 10.12 Final released in September 20th there were some bugs tahat are not officially resolved yet by Apple. Such as Trackpad Preference Pane, some devices got the Trackpad Preference Pane blanks. This is one big problem for macOS user, because some features of Trackpad like tap to click, two finger scrolling, dragging, etc., are not working. So let's check it out how to make it work on macOS Sierra.
  • Download this Trackpad.prefpane first
  • Extrack the downloaded file then place it into /System/Library/PreferencePanes   (Just replace it, if you are asked for password just type your password and press Enter)
  • Download this Trackpad configuration files then extract it
  • Go to the downloaded Trackpad folder and copy all item there
  • Now go to /System/Library/PreferencePanes and look for Trackpad.prefpane
  • Right click on it and choose Show Package Contents
  • Go to Contents >> Resources >> English.lproj
  • Paste (command + v) in the folder. (If you are asked to replace just click on replace button, if you are asked to input password just type your password and hit Enter).
  • Now rebuild your cache and repair permission using this kext wizard
  • Reboot
Now open your System Preferences and go to Trackpad. If you are successfully, you'll get Trackpad preference pane like the picture above. But if not, you can do the steps again.

Okay guys, that's all about How To Make Trackpad Preference Pane Work in macOS Sierra. If you have any qustion just leave some comment below and I'll reply it soon. Thankyou very much for visi my blog and see you next time in the next tutorial.


  1. Hey thanks for tips. I´m crazy for this problem.

  2. wah,,, berhasil juga trackpadnya...

  3. This worked for me except every time my computer goes to sleep or I restart I have to change the settings again. Any ideas why the settings won't save?

    1. I have the same problem. Did you find a solution for this?

    2. I'm sorry, Until now I haven't found any ideas. But I'll keep trying to solve the problem. Thank you very much :-)