Muhammad Harits Syaifulloh

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Patch DSDT for Working Brightness for Hackintoshes

In this tutorial I will show you about how to make working brightness in hackintosh. What we need to do? we have to patch the DSDT (Read here for knowing what DSDT is).

How to patch the DSDT for working brightness?

1. Download ACPIBacklight.kext here and place it into your Clover\kext\10.x
2. Download MaciASL here and extract it.
3. Open your DSDT by double click on it (Read here for how to get DSDT for your laptop or PC)
4. When the MaciASL is opened, click on Patch button
5. Copy and paste the following code below.
6. Click apply
7. Click Compile
8. Save

Patch Code :

For Intel Ivybridge and Sandybridge Generation Processor

For Haswell Processor

For Other