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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Enabling QE/CI AMD Radeon HD7500 / 7600 Series Hackintosh

Hi guys, welcome back to Ask MHS. In this tutorial I'll show you about How To Enabling QE/CI from AMD Radeon HD 7500/7600 Series in Hackintosh. In this case I'm using Clover Bootloader, OK guys let's go!

The first thing we have to prepare is Clover Configurator (download here).

Steps :
1. Open your config.plist file using Clover Configurator
2. Go to Graphics Tab and setting it up like the following picture

3. Then go to Kernel and Kext Patches then on KextsToPatch table add this row :
Name Find*[HEX] Replace*[HEX]
AppleTyMCEDriver 720A004D616350726F342C31004D616350726F352C310058 720A00000000000000000000000000000000000000000058
AMD6000Controller 000400000403000000010000120401050008000004020000000100001102040310000000100000000001000000000002 020000004000000009010000200100070008000004020000000100002103040510000000100000000001000000000101

So it will look like this picture below:

4. Now save and quit the Clover Configurator then try to restart you computer

Alright guys, that's all about enabling QE/CI from or activate AMD Radeon HD 7500 / 7600 Series in Hackintosh and hope this can help you to make the graphics card work on OS X. This method tested on Toshiba L830 with AMD Radeon HD 7500 / 7600 Series. If you have any question, just leave some comment below or you can send message to me from this link.

Thankyou very much and see you next time in the next tutorial.

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