Muhammad Harits Syaifulloh

Sunday, August 28, 2016

This is why You Shouldn't Remove Built-In Apps in iOS 10!

You may notice that the iOS is overcrowded with applications that may not very important to you. You feel anxious to remove the application. In addition because it is not important you also want your iOS 10 have more memory capacity. How do we do it?

Fortunately, iOS 10 have the ability to do so. iOS 10 will allow you to remove a lot of built-in applications you want. You can free up lots of memory capacity for you to use later. Really? but, do not miss understandings!

Although you can remove a variety of applications on iOS 10, you are strongly recommended not to do this. For example, Mail. An application that allows you to read, receive, and create an email. As well as from a variety of applications such as maps, iTunes Store, etc.

For example, we remove the Mail, we can no longer receive email, create email, and others. Want to use a third party application such as Outlook? The Outlook is indeed much more excellent than the default Mail application, but the Outlook is not integrated with the system. Similarly, if you delete an application Map and hopes to replace it with Google Maps.

Although the application was deleted in fact only hidden and could be reactivated and can be replaced with third-party applications, but is not yet sure that third-party applications will be better than the default applications and can be integrated with the system. This course will be more aggravating our iPhone.

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