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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mesh topology, what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Mesh topology, what is it and what are its advantages?

What's Mesh Topology?

Mesh Topology is a topology where each device is connected directly to other devices in the network. As a result, in mesh topology each device can communicate directly with the other device (dedicated links).

Thus the maximum multiplicity of the connections between devices on a network with mesh topology can be calculated with the formula x = n(n-1)/2. Moreover because each device can be connected to other devices on the network so any device should have as much as n-1 Input/Output Ports (i/o ports).

Based on the above explanation, can be exemplified that in as many as 5 computers will be connected using mesh topology so that all connections between computers can function optimally, then it takes as many as 5 (5-1)/2 = 10 cables, and each computer must have a port I/O as much as 5-1 = 4 port.

Advantages of mesh topology:

  • Dedicated connection links ensure the direct data delivered to the destination computer without having to go through another computer so it can more quickly because one link is used exclusively for communicating with the intended computer only (no use for a rollicking/sharing).
  • Robust, if any interruption occurred on the connection between computer A with computer B because of defective cable connections (links) between A and B, then the disorder will not affect A computer connection with another computer.
  • Privacy and security on a mesh topology is more assured, because the communication that occurs between two computer will not be accessible by other computer.
  • Simplify the process of identification of problems in the event of damage to the connections between computers.

Disadvantages of mesh topology:

  • Requires a lot of cables and i/o ports. More computers are there, it will take more cable and I/O ports (see the formula of calculating the needs of cable and Port).
  • It is simultaneously also indicated that this type of topology, because every computer must connect directly with other computers so that installation and configuration becomes more difficult.
  • The number of wires used also hinted at the need for a space that allowed in the room where the computers are located.

Based on the advantages and disadvantages, the mesh topology is usually implemented on the main computers where each of the main computer to form its own network with a different topology (hybrid network).

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