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Monday, August 22, 2016

How to block Websites on your iPhone/iPad

In this tutorial, Ask MHS will give you steps to block certain Websites on your iPhone/iPad. By blocking a Website, then you can prevent other people (who are currently using the iPhone you) to open the website. This way can also be used by parents who want to block websites that contain negative content.

Blocking Websites on iPhone/iPad

  • First go to Settings.
  • Select General options.
  • Select the option Restrictions.
  • If you are new to incorporate this feature first, input a new passcode. If earlier already, then input the passcode that was made earlier.

Then scroll down to find the option of Websites.

Next tap on option Specific Website Only.

If it is, scroll to the bottom and then tap the option Add a Website.

Lastly, you only need to enter a website that you want to block. Input the title and URL of the website. If you have the option of tap Done to save it.

Note : This tutorial only work on iOS 9 and latest.

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