Muhammad Harits Syaifulloh

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hackintosh : Activate Intel HD4000 (Clover Bootloader) Using Clover Configurator

Hello guys, in this tutorial I'll provide a tutorial about activate or enabling Intel HD4000 Graphics Card on Hackintosh using Clover Bootoloader.

1. Mount your EFI Partition >> Click here for the instruction
3. Open Finder and Go to EFI\CLOVER and Find config.plist
4. Right click on config.plist and choose Open With Clover Configurator (Read this instruction if you can't open Clover Configurator)
5. Go to Graphics Tab
6. Check at inject Intel and Type 0x1660003 in the ig-platform-id column. (see the picture above)
7. Save and Restart.

Okay guys that's about activating or enabling IntelHD 4000 in Hackintosh using Clover Bootloader. Good Luck!.

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