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Monday, August 22, 2016

5 Smartphone design concept in the future #Part 1

History of smartphones originally from a mobile phone that is developed over time and the sophistication of science technology. We would not have thought that today would be a lot of emerging smartphone is so sophisticated. Smartphones in General has only a few buttons, its users using the touch screen or 10 years ago using the stylus wand. The Nokia Communicator is the first Smartphone launched by Nokia with a fairly modern design at that time.

Now the design of outstanding smartphone is very sophisticated, modern, futuristic, and usually strong against collision. In the future we don't know what kind of design will be smartphones. This new smartphone design as a concept, but there are some which is a prototype. The emergence of the smartphone of the future has not been promulgated by the relevant parties. The following are 10 smartphone design concept in the future:

10. "Flip” Smartphone featuring 3 Flexible Super AMOLED Displays

The design concept of this smartphone is so amazing. There are 3 Super AMOLED screens which are very flexible and connected to another screen so as to form a triangle. The concept was designed by Kristian Larsen Ulrich for air-Android OS smartphone. The "Flip", It's the name of this smartphone, it can be changed to different forms, not only triangle.

9. Windows Transparent Smartphone Concept

The design concept of this smartphone is very sophisticated, with the concept of "window phone". This Smartphone can display weather conditions in realtime. In a rainy day, water droplets appear on the phone screen. When snow, the screen looks dewy. To switch the mode you simply blow the smartphone screen. This sophisticated concept designed by Seunghan Song.

8. Aqua Smartphone from Samsung

Samsung success as smartphone vendors in the world. A wide range of smartphones from Samsung was well received and enthusiastically by the public. Call it the Samsung Galaxy along with several large successful series on the market. Design concept for future smartphones, Samsung created a prototype with Aqua concept Smartphone. Its transparent and futuristic. The designer, Bon Seop from South Korea inspired drawing above the water. This Smartphone comes equipped with AMOLED screen and futuristic graphic user interface. Touchscreen interface that looks like the water is expected to attract customers. Hope someday this smartphone will be able to be in the hands of us.

7. Philips Fluid Smartphone With Flexible OLED Display

Philips also didn't miss creating smartphone design concept into a prototype named Philips Fluid Flexible Smartphone With OLED Display. This smartphone is utilizing a Flexible OLED Display and is poured into the form of Fluid Smartphone. This smartphone is very flexible and can be shaped into thin rings. It is possible that in the future we are required for fast-paced, practical and sophisticated. With the smartphone is on the wrist it will facilitate our activities and will not be hassle bringing our device, no matter where we go.

6. Envei Smartphone from Nokia E97

Future smartphone design concept was designed by Nokia E97 and named Envei. The concept from Nokia Envei E97 is very stylish, modern and futuristic. Elegant black color adds to the impression of the future. Nokia E97 Envei has a unique LCD screen like the envelope, equipped with AZERTY keyboard layout. Very impressive.

5. Transparant Smartphone from LG

LG issued a design from the smartphone of the future with Transparent concept. LG smartphone concept design with a futuristic design, revolutionary and a transparent screen. According to the news that circulated this smartphone design involves a graphic designer from the film. We probably wouldn't have thought if one day there will be a smartphone like this. Cool.

5 Smartphone design concept in the future #Part 2

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